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Chapter 211

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November 1-3, 2013

Country Camping in East County


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Viejas Casino and Outlet Mall may have been just down the road, but Ma-Tar-Awa campground was far from the flashing neon lights and bing bong of the slots.  Country camping--for sure.

Hosted by Bill Polick and Sarah Brooks, the campout was filled with activity.  From forays to the gaming and shopping to more RV-related fun.

High winds may have canceled Friday night's campfire, but they didn't hinder the fun for the rest of the weekend.  After the Saturday morning business meeting, Mike Cook and Tom Scheulen from La Mesa RV showed off two new 2014 Allegros.  The Red 33AA seemed to draw the most attention from the crowd.

Later in the afternoon members competed for the bean bag championship and after dinner the group huddled by the campfire for SomeMores and stories.