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Chapter 211

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Mission Bay
February 7-9, 2014

Blast By The Bay

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Our biggest turnout ever as 11 rigs made their way to Mission Bay RV Resort.

Hosted by Bill and Yolanda Tyler, the campout featured a potluck breakfast and dinner on Saturday.  The morning business meeting featured voting on several By-Law changes and election of board members for the 2014 year.

A little rain on Thursday night and Friday morning kept early birds under awnings but the sun broke through mid-day Friday and stayed bright for the rest of the event.

One of the hightlights was a Saturday afternoon "white elephant auction" that made $75 for the club.

Early Birds

Setting Up Camp

Mission Bay RV Resort

De Anza Cove

A Sunny Day

The Gang Gets Together

Mission Bay

More Mission Bay
Saturday Campfire

Saying Good-bye