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Best efforts planning your business strategy fall flat if you are not prepared.  Today is too late to start--you need your staff trained and ready for action when it comes. 

Our courses include:

  • Crisis Communication
    • Situation Scope
    • Threat vs. Perceived Threat
    • Being Proactive With Media
    • Follow up reporters--where real heroes become goats
  • Public Relations
    • Every contact is PR
    • Devising a plan
    • What to watch out for
  • Dealing with reporters/Media Relations
    • Some reporters are sharks, some guppies
    • Dealing with print and electronic media
    • Appearance relays your message
  • Public Speaking
    • Getting over the fear
    • Speaking should communicate
  • Presentations
    • The Board is not the Kiwanis Club
    • Using Power Point

All our courses include hands-on experience--war stories, exercises, case studies, and everything you need for success

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