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25 Greatest Motorcycle Roads In The USA

Numbers 10 to 6

Rank State Route Why I like it
10 CA SR-190
Porterville to
Lake Isabella  
Leaning into SR-190Another surprising road.  After riding through Sequoia National Park, I checked the map for a good route home.  I spotted this one just a little south of where we'd come out of the land of giant redwoods.  This one works its way to over 6,000' and through Sequoia National Monument.  Once you reach the summit and head back down the mountain you're treated to grand granite views seen only by those who've discovered the area.  With a left turn near the bottom, the pavement twists down to the Kern River, through Kernville and to Lake Isabella.  Gas up before you leave.  Food available in a couple of places.
9 USA US-30
Astoria, OR to
Atlantic City, NJ
If you want to find out how big the USA is, just ride the Lincoln Highway.  You'll see itNational Motorcycle Museum all--the Columbia River Gorge, Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, farms, factories, small towns and big cities.  Along the route there are short detours to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA; the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH; Gettysburg Battlefield; the Harley factory in York, PA; Shanksville, PA where Flight 93 went down on 9-11; the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia; and the casinos of Atlantic City.  Take at least two weeks to ride this one way--there's a lot to see!
8 MS Natchez

Natchez to Tupelo
Swamp along the TraceOk, so this is just the lower end of the Trace and the upper half is supposed to be even better.  But I spent so much time stopping at the dozens of displays, monuments, swamps and other interesting points I ran out of time.  This was an awesome run through history. Before the days of trucks and railroads, farmers and others built rafts to float their goods down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.  When they got to New Orleans they sold everything, including the wood their rafts were made of.  They then walked home up the Trace from Natchez to Nashville.  Watch out for the 'gators!  For gas and food you'll have to leave the Trace on one of many cutoffs along the way.
7 AZ US-89A
Flagstaff  to Prescott
When you think of Arizona it's probably sand and cactus that comes to mind.  But notOak Creek Canyon in this corner of the state.  From Flagstaff you work your way down to Oak Creek Canyon and then on to Sedona.  You may recognize this area from many movies filmed in the area.  Then you can wander a little farther to the "ghost town" of Jerome.  That's special to me because my grandfather owned a store there when it was still a boom town.  Gas and food are plentiful.
6 CA SR-49
Jamestown to
Bead and Breakfast This is mining territory.  A nice curvy road through the Sierra Nevada foothills.  One of my friends calls this California's Tail [of the Dragon].  It's an up and down, left turn right turn route that'll keep you awake and enjoying your day.  Gas and food are available, but plan ahead.

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