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25 Greatest Motorcycle Roads In The USA

Numbers 20 to 16

Rank State Route Why I like it
20 FL US-1 Homestead to
Key West  
Key West--90 miles to CubaNothing like riding with the ocean on both sides of the road and UNDER it!  This is 100 miles of warm/hot tropical splendor.  Ruined, of course, by the cagers gawking from the roadway instead of pulling into the turnoffs.  A lot of traffic lights on the islands, but riding the bridges, including Seven Mile Bridge, is great.  Late afternoon is cooler, but the "no-see-ums" (little biting bugs) will eat you alive if you stop for a brief respite.  Key West had many great places to see but is really congested.  Plenty of gas and food.
19 CO SR-105
Bottom to Top of
Mt. Evans
This is the highest paved road in North America and an amazing ride--one of the most difficult and technical I've ever done.  In aboutRoad to Mt. Evans 14 miles the road climbs from 8,000' to over 14,000'.  It's a barely 2 lane road with no guardrails and sheer drops of 1,000' or more. My friend Dewey and I rode it on a Saturday and that was a mistake.  Bicyclists hogging the road, timid cage drivers obviously petrified and really steep and sharp turns.  No gas or food here, but there are restrooms at the top.  Watch the weather, Rocky Mountain clouds get you wet quickly.
18 VT
Barre, VT to Bangor, ME
Bethel waterfallNew England seems exotic for a guy who's lived his entire life in Southern California.  The trees are lush and green, the rivers have lots of water in them and the roads wind through something called "townships."  There's a beautiful waterfall in Bethel, ME, that knocked my socks off.  Gas?  Food?  Not a problem.
17 MI SR-28
Dafter to
Ride here for a couple of days and you'll start sounding like a Upper (pronouncedLake Superior YOU-per)--that's what the natives here are called.  But this is a great road through the Hiawatha National Forest and Senek National Wildlife Refuge.  It's pretty flat most of the way but provides some spectacular views of Lake Superior the closer you get to Marquette.  Lots of places to stop for your personal and vehicular needs.
16 OR US-101
Seaside to
End of the Lewis & Clark TrailStarting in Seaside, at the official end of the Lewis & Clark trail, this highway follows the coast to California.  Every bit as beautiful as California's Route 1, 101 takes you through sand dunes and forests.  Yachts and commercial fishing boats are everywhere and you may even find a dilapidated tug boat at the mouth of the Rogue River.  A must do!  Gas and food stops are plentiful.

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