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25 Greatest Motorcycle Roads In The USA

Numbers 25 to 21

Rank State Route Why I like it
25 WY US-89
Old FaityfulThis road should have been in the top 5 for its sheer beauty.  But the crowds and traffic jams ruined it.  Bumper to bumper cars, trucks, campers, motorhomes and trailers!  Almost every viewing area was overflowing.  Bummer!  Watch your fuel.  There are only scattered vehicular facilities.
24 UT US-89
Mt. Carmel to Richfield
This was a fun ride through a nice valley.  Some easy curves.  Starts just outside ZionUS-89 in Utah National Park and runs north to I-70.  Some little towns, plenty of food and gas stops.  Watch the weather--rain comes quickly.
23 KY SR-90 & 92
Williamsburg to Glasgow
Cumberland RiverThis road surprised me.  I left Knoxville, TN, and found a sign on I-75 that pointed to Bowling Green.  So I took it.  Very twisty in the east, then across the Cumberland River and through beautiful farmland.  Plenty of gas and places to eat.
22 MN US-2,  SR-200,

Floodwood to Moorehead
Trees and lakes galore on this route.  SR-200 takes you through Savanna StateSault St. Marie near route Forest and up to Leach Lake.  Watch for critters zipping out of the forest.  There were several dead deer along the side of the road and I saw two live ones scamper across the highway a couple hundred yards ahead of me.  Plenty of gas and food at the small towns along the way.
21 TN US-129
Deal's Gap, NC to
Tellicot Lake
Another road that should have been in the top 5: Tail of the Dragon.  There are 318 turns in this 11-mile stretch of road--some VERY sharp and dangerous twisties.  But, like Yellowstone, the crowds ruin it.  My trip was on a rainy Sunday afternoon and, despite the wet pavement, the sport bikes whined their way around my Harley on too many curves.  The starting point at Deal's Gap was interesting, but WAY too crowded with long lines for t-shirts, patches and snacks.  Serious riders need to tackle this road, but be cautious!  Gas at the Gap.

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