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Where's Bill?
August 21, 2010

Starting point:
Longmont, CO
Ending point:
Mt. Evans, CO
Sunny at the bottom, rain-threatening toward the top of the mountain.
Miles today:
Local roads, I-70, SR-103, SR-105

Trip Notes:
There are certain roads that should be avoided by new riders and timid drivers.  One of these is the highest paved road in North America--it climbs to over 14,000' to the top of Mt. Evans.

This was the most difficult and technical route I've ever taken--a barely-two-lane road, no guardrails and a 1,000'+ drop off the side.  Hairpin turn after hairpin turn.  This road climbs 6,000' in only 14 miles.

My friend Dewey Chiles, who I met a couple of years ago while riding through western Montana, knew it was tough but thought I could make it OK.  He was right, but I was very glad I'd unloaded the extra bags before setting out.

Photos (from top down):
Me at the bottom
The road winds up
The last section
Dewey at the top

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