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Riding America

There is romance on the road--the feel of rubber on the pavement, the smell of a rainstorm, the cold of a mountain by-way, the rumble of your pipes.  It's also an opportunity to learn something about yourself as well as this great country.

But what do YOU think of the United States?  Why?

Too many of us form our opinions of America by what we see on cable news, hear on radio talk shows, read in newspapers and magazines.  We polarize ourselves by passing inane e-mails to our friends--forwarding our thought-up-by-someone-else concepts to everyone on our distribution lists.

But what do you know of America?  I chose to get out on the road and meet the individuals who make the masses.  What do they think?  Why do they think it?  All I know now is what I see, hear and read.  So I set off--Riding America.

We all have our reasons for riding--enjoying the bike, barhopping, cruising with friends, seeing what's out there.  For me, it's the latter.  That's why I rode solo more than 55,000 miles across the United States.  I've been many places in the world and took four years to see parts of the world I'd never, or seldom seen.  Rides took me to all 48 continental states, all four corners of the USA, the entire length of both coasts, back and forth the across the continent at the top and bottom.

I ride my 2004 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic that's set up for the long haul. Since the H-D designation is FLHTCI--I call my bike "Flitsy." Call this my Electra Glide in Red White and Blue.

I've also ridden in 7 Canadian provinces.

So, why do this?  The road's there, it takes me places I've never been and introduces me to people I've never met.

Join me on my journeys.

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