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North to Alaska

Ready to Roll

Week 1 June 5-11

I-5 Skagit River Bridge Closure

Fraser River

Divide this week into two parts--the Interstate and the rural.

Started on I-5 from San Diego then up the 405 and hit construction projects from Seal Beach to the bottom of the Grapevine.  One took me about five miles off the freeway and along surface streets.  Hit other construction in NorCal, Oregon and Washington. 

I'd been warned about construction in Canada and Alaska, but haven't come upon any in over 1,000 miles of British Columbia.

Crossed the border east of Vancouver and headed easst to Hope then north on the Fraser River Canyon Highway.  (Highways here have numbers, but they also seem to all have names like Yellowhead, Glacier and Cassiar.)

Spent the first Canadian night in the Fraser River Canyon.  From there a 500-mile drive took me to the Yellowhead and a small town named Houston before setting off on the Cassiar.

The turn off for the "Alaska Stewart" Highway, otherwise know as the Cassiar, is at Kitwanga, BC.  The first part of the journey was just trees and trees, but it soon opened (or closed) into a chasm road between soaring snow-capped mountain ranges on both sides.

Up the road a piece was the cutoff for Stewart and Hyder known as the Glacier Highway.  It's aptly named.  The best ice field was Bear Glacier, right next to the road.

After dipping about two blocks into Hyder so I could now claim to have been in Alaska, I spent the night at Stewart.  This is where I began learning about "No Service" on the I-Phone.  That would last for several hundred miles, most of the way to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory.

From Stewart it was back to Cassiar for a night of rest in Iskut.  Next it was up to  the Alaska Highway which was formerly known as the Alcan.

The first week ended at a quaint campground just east of Whitehorse.

Bear mom and cub near Dease Lake

Glacier Highway

Bear Glacier

Lake along the Cassiar

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