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Puerto Rico
Crossroads of the Caribbean

by Bill Polick, Editor

We weren't the first to surf Puerto Rico, but I'll bet we were first to ride waves at many breaks there in 1968...before the World Contest showed the rest of the world what fabulous waves were there.

Imagine a beach, five miles or so long, and you and your surf buddy are the only two people in sight.  Now, imagine tropical water and air and waves waist to chest high.  My friend Stan and I did it time after time.

Drive through the cane field, ford the river, climb over the rocky point, and there was another empty break.  While mainstream surfers hit places like Isla Verde, Jobo's, Dona Maria's, Tres Palmas, Domes and other north and west coast spots, Stan and I found "secret" spots on the northeast coast between Luquillo and Humacao. 

I'm sure those spots today are as crowded as everywhere else, but in 1968 is was lonely out there!

Cut back at Jobo's

Surfing PR in 1968 "Sharing" a wave!
Only one other surfer in the water!
Cruisin' ALONE