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There may be no surf spot  better known in San Diego than Wind 'N Sea.  It's a legendary break known for great waves, great surfers, and a decidedly "local" favoritism.

Best identified by its historical palapa, it has been one of the most popular spots on the West Coast for decades.  Gray-beard surfers, we're talking those who's retirement watches are now rusted, remember the days when surfers would leave their 100+ pound planks on the beach and paddle out when the swell hit.  They also remember Tom Wolf's Pump House Crew, and the days before La Jolla was wall-to-wall with houses, apartments and condos.

When the tide's right, the swell's in and the surfers are cool, it is one of the greatest rides you'll ever have.  Steep take-offs, quick drops, fast turns and speed.  It's a rocky reef and definitely not a spot for beginners, the disrespectful or wave hogs.

How can you enjoy it?  Show up when the break's empty or meet the locals, get to know them, listen to them and maybe they'll let you have a wave.